Wind Chime Design Program

Main screen of wind chime program

Back in 1997 I wrote a program to help people design wind chimes. Many people found the program useful, including those who build musical instruments. The original program could only run on computers that had a Sound Blaster compatible sound card. This latest version of the program should be able to run on most PCs (with operating system Windows 95 or greater).

Here are some of the features of the program:

Click here to download the program (175Kbytes).

This software is free.

After writing the wind chime program I designed an aid to help vision impaired people (I designed both the hardware and software). The aid is called the "Miniguide". Gradually I was able to refine and improve the aid with the funds from selling the aid (ie. bootstrapping the design). All my research is funded from sales. If you would like to help my research into developing new products for vision impaired people, please donate using the button below. Please note that my company is not a charity so donations are NOT tax deductible. Thanks, Greg Phillips, GDP Research. (For more info about the Miniguide please visit, the main home page via the link below)

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